Self-Storage Q&A Sessions

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Thursday, April 13 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Title: Self-Storage Q&A Sessions


Get answers to your most pressing questions—whatever your role in the industry! Choose from one of three topic-focused events, hosted by hand-picked experts with proficiency in these category verticals. No industry question is off-limits! Come ready to listen and engage. 


Self-Storage Q&A: Investing & Development

Hosts: Bob Copper, Shawn Hill

Potential topics to be addressed: Acquisitions, due diligence, facility value, financing, capital-markets conditions, selling, underperforming properties, capitalization rates, interest rates, development activity, feasibility, site selection, facility design, construction materials and methods, conversions, multi-story, eco-friendly storage, renovations


Self-Storage Q&A: Management & Marketing

Hosts: Anne Ballard, Stacie Maxwell

Potential topics to be addressed: Customer experience, service strategies, rental rates, collections, expenses, sales techniques, site maintenance, curb appeal, policies and procedures, lien sales, budget planning, online tools and strategies, local marketing, community events, social media, mass media, tracking, target audiences, grassroots efforts


Self-Storage Q&A: Technology & Security

Hosts: John Bilton, Lance Watkins

Potential topics to be addressed: Automation, contactless tools and strategies, artificial intelligence, software, mobile tech and apps, websites, smart systems, security components, engagement tools, user adoption, call centers, communication methods

Type: Q&A Sessions


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